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Mental health support for companies

While conversations around mental health at work are increasing, it can be difficult for employers to know where to start when tackling the topic. What can you do to support employees? How can you start the conversation?

My goal is for the topic to no longer be a taboo in the workplace, and I want to help companies achieve that. Are you interested in working together? Here are the services I offer:

  • Introduction to mental health – 1h talk. A presentation for employees, raising awareness on mental health, followed by a Q&A.
  • Introduction to mental health – lunch and learn format (30 mins) – A short presentation for employees, raising awareness on mental health followed by a short Q&A
  • Personal talks with employees – 1:1 format – I spend 30-45 minutes in a 1:1 with employees who want to talk about mental health but woud like a degree of anonymity
  • Coaching sessions for managers – I spend 3 sessions of 30-45 minutes with managers, teaching them about mental health and how to deal with team members who might come to them with a mental health problem
  • Mental health workshop for HR – A more in depth workshop specifically for those working in HR. We will cover the basics of mental health, and then go into details of how HR can implement tools in support of mental health.
  • I’m also available to join panel discussions and give conference presentations

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