A selection of articles in which That’s Mental has been featured, and guest blogs written for other outlets on the topic of mental health.

Searching for a job can impact your mental health: it requires a lot of time and effort and can leave you feeling drained.

Coronavirus is impacting our mental health, here’s what employers can do to help

There is no doubt that corona virus affected our mental health, yet many of us had to continue to work. How can employers help?

How to find a job that’s good for your mental health

When you’re looking for a job you think about culture fit and benefits, but do you think about your mental health? You should.

Eight experts on how to deal with job burnout

Burnout has received increasing attention over the years. Here’s some advice from eight different experts on how you can cope.

Making mental health a priority

Khaled and I discuss the importance of breaking the taboo surrounding mental health in a professional environment, the impact of helping others and making mental health a priority in our lives.

The key to quieting my mind one night at a time

For the first time I share my mental health story on another platform than my own, and talk about my experience with insomnia.

My mental health story

Find out about my journey with mental health starting with my burnout, and how I’ve managed over the past 8 years.

Legal Wolf

Differences in mental healthcare

I was interviewed by Steve Lawlor about the differences in mental healthcare across Switzerland and the Netherlands.