Workplace induced mental health issues

workplace mental health

Workplace induced mental health issues occur when people are in toxic work environments, or suffering from work induced stress. This can lead to burnout or other mental health issues. Burnout is the most talked about topic these days and that’s not a bad thing as it’s certainly helping to raise awareness.

On the other hand, burnout is not the only issue that can arise and it’s also been so mediatized that it’s almost starting to become trivialized. What we need to realize is that there has been a tendency over the years for: an increased workload, longer working hours, higher commitment required of employees, higher levels of competition, and the always-on society that came from smartphones.

All of these combined have contributed to the rise of workplace-induced mental health issues. Where people start to suffer from anxiety, depression, perhaps going so far as suicidal thoughts. Once again, this demonstrates the importance of raising awareness about the topic. 

On the one hand, employees need to be able to talk about issues they are experiencing rather than suffer in silence. On the other hand, employers need to create the right conditions so that employees are not driven to their own demise, and feel safe speaking out.