12 ways you know you’re in the right job

12 ways you know you're in the right job

While I’ve often talked about the negative circumstances you can encounter in the workplace and how these contribute to mental health problems, it’s also important to talk about the positive experiences to counterbalance that. After all it’s not all doom and gloom and there are plenty of experiences to show there is hope when it comes to finding a workplace that is good for your mental health.

What’s more, it’s important for you to think about what a good place to work might look like for you, when it comes to your mental health. How do you want to feel in the workplace, and more importantly, how will you know it’s “right”?

With this in mind I thought about why I currently feel good in my job and what I’m experiencing that makes it feel that way, and came up with a list of 12 items. Before I jump into them I’d just like to preface this by saying that it’s not a competition and I’m not doing this to show off or make others feel bad.

I spent the majority of my career up until now not feeling good for one reason or another, so when I finally had this experience I was a little bit in disbelief and thought “oh, so that’s what it’s like?!”. That’s why I put this list (and video) together.

Twelve signs your job is the right one for you

  1. You work well with your colleagues.
  2. You also get on well with your colleagues.
  3. You have psychological safety at work.
  4. You feel empowered and trusted by those around you, to do your job. 
  5. You have freedom to operate (this comes with trust).
  6. You have a clarity on what is expected of you.
  7. Your role plays to your strengths and your area of expertise.
  8. You have room for growth and are pushed beyond your boundaries in a healthy way.
  9. You workload is healthy and your deadlines are realistic.
  10. Your boundaries are respected.
  11. You are recognized for your hard work.
  12. You are making an impact.

For more detail, you can also watch my YouTube video

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