Mental health is bad for your career

As always, one of the reasons I write these posts and maintain this blog is to raise awareness around mental health so there are fewer myths and we’re able to talk about it more openly.

One of the main challenges with mental health and people feeling comfortable speaking up is that there is still a lot of stigma around it. We’ve definitely made progress but we’re not yet in a place where you can openly say to your employer “I suffer from depression” without being afraid of getting fired.

So today I want to address this common myth that mental health is bad for your career and break it down. Why do we believe this, what are the fears and most importantly, how do we overcome it?

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Mental health myth busting

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This year I’ve taken a lot more to video for several reasons. Partly, I am more comfortable with it now and it’s an easier format to share as if I were talking to you. Partly because I finally have video editing software that means I can make half decent videos. 😅

Regardless, I was inspired to start a myth busting series around mental health. In these videos I cover the following topics:

  1. Therapy is only for crazy people
  2. Vulnerability is weakness
  3. Just “turn off” your negative emotions
  4. Don’t be so emotional, it’s not professional
  5. Feeling depressed? Just throw yourself into work
  6. Mental health is bad for your career
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