Overcoming workplace trauma and restoring your mental health

workplace trauma

I often joke that I have PTSD from some of my previous assignments, but if I’m honest with myself, there is some truth to it.

Of course it’s not as extreme as for example, for war veterans or victims of abuse – but I genuinely believe that you can leave a work experience feeling scarred. The negative experience and consequences you carry with you can feel traumatic and affect your behaviour in your new workplace and with colleagues, which of course, you don’t want. So today on the blog, I want to tackle the topic of workplace trauma.

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The importance of trust in the workplace

This is a topic I have been wanting to cover for a while, but for which I needed to have enough distance with a specific event to write objectively.

Today I am coming from the position where trust in the workplace is a topic we are openly and actively discussing at the company. We talk about the impact lack of trust has on teams and individuals, how it affects our ability to do our jobs, and why we need more of it… Needless to say, I find it exceptional that we do so.

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Telling your boss you’re going through something personal

Mental wellbeing in the workplace isn’t always related to work induced situations. You may have other things going on in your life that impact how you feel on the job. Considering you spend 80% of your time at work – but luckily you are more than that – it’s only normal that the rest of your life should trickle in to how you feel in the workplace.

We can all think of the joyful moments: engagement, getting married, becoming a parent, getting a new boyfriend/girlfriend, graduating from your degree… They are all exciting things you want to share and will be eager to talk about. Most likely, they’ll also give you a boost and you’ll have more energy to come to work – unless they’re totally distracting you.

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